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ESpanix Association

The ESpanix Association is a non-profit network IP operator organization.

Its objective is to supervise the Internet Exchange Point´s proper functioning for Spanish IP traffic exchanging.

Board of Directors

It is the Association´s governing body.

It is currently formed by:

AcensAlfons Friedl
CogentCarlos ZarcoPresident
ComviveDaniel SalamancaSecretary
OrangeFrancisco GómezTreasurer
TelefónicaCandela Tejerina
VodafoneDavid Hernández
SarenetJon Omagojeaskoa

Management team

Sociedad Gestora del Nodo Neutro Espanix is the company that is in charge of managing the Internet Exchange Point and all its infrastructures.

All the company´s human team has the service quality as a principal goal.

The executive team is composed by:

Chief Executive OfficerPedro Sáinz
Commercial DirectorAmedeo Beck
Technical DirectorJavier Achirica
Operations DirectorAlberto Segado
Chief Financial OfficerVictoria Rubio
Legal DirectorDébora Sáinz

Technical Team

Equipo técnico

ESpanix Datacenter and ESpanix network are managed by the ESpanix Engineering Team, which guarantees a robust, secure and efective service.

The entire team has a high level academic training, accumulating years of experience managing ESpanix systems.

We have one of the most solid teams in Southern Europe infrastructure management and 25 years managing the Iberian Peninsula IP traffic exchange endorse us.

Contact Information

If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

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