In this year 2023 ESpanix began planning to create the most precise time synchronization service in Southern Europe.

In this month of November, finally, after many efforts by our team, we present ESpanix Time.

This new service has the following characteristics:

  • Redundant.
  • With guarantee (SLA), depending on the modalities.
  • Redundant system in all of its elements.
  • It meets the requirements for the main approvals, such as MiFID.
  • Easy and quick to set up.
  • No initial payments required.

Additionally, we can offer this service in the following modalities:

  1. NTP stratum 1 public: Public, without service guarantees.
  2. NTP stratum 1 private: Private, redundant, with service guarantees.
  3. PTP Grandmaster: Private, redundant, with service guarantees and precision of less than a microsecond.

At ESpanix, we want to guarantee customers connections that are not compromised by inaccurate time stamps and without security gaps, problems that we have solved thanks to the ESpanix Time implementation.