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The Service

ESpanix Time is a secure, robust and accurate time synchronization service, accesible to any company.

A mistake in the delivery time can cause serious problems in your organization:

  • Operations may be compromised because of the data records inaccuracy, due to the time stamp.

  • A sloppy sinchronization source can be used by malicious groups to create security gaps.

Part of public service as stratum 1 (without guarantees) and answering more than 8000 queries per second with maximum quality NTPPool



  • Redundant service.
  • SLA guarantee, depending on the modalities.
  • Redundant system in all of its elements.
  • Complies with the requirements for the main approvals, such as MiFID.
  • Easy and quick to configure, it only has to connect to our principal and secondary servers.
  • It doesn´t require an initial outlay.



  • Public NTP stratum 1

    NTP stratum 1 servers available to the public.

    Due to the public network variability, the service is provided without service level guarantees.

  • Private NTP stratum 1

    NTP redundant stratum 1 servers which are accessible through a private network, with service level guarantees.

  • PTP grandmaster

    PTP Grandmaster service which are accessible through a private network, with service level guarantees, for applications where precisions of less than a microsecond are required

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