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In the Mesena 80 street, inside one of the most modern Spanish campuses.

Between the M30 and the M40 roads, 15 minutes from the airport.

Double access from the Mesena Street and from the Gran Vía of Hortaleza.



  • Service guarantee: 99.99%.
  • IT square meters: 2,000.
  • Energy:
    • Power: 8 MW.
    • Redundancy: N+N.
      • Double connection from two different substations.
      • UPS and generators in two separate circuits.
      • 100% of the center´s capacity for each circuit.
      • All the center´s electrical consumption comes from 100% renewable energy sources.
      • Actively committed to the objectives of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact
        • Resource reuse
        • Material recycling and repair
        • Use of carbon-neutral energy
    • Two 25,000 liter diesel tanks with an uninterrupted supply contract.
  • Redundancy A/C: N+1.
  • Security:
    • Integral security system.
    • Access control in all doors.
    • Continuous recording with 5k cameras.
    • Security guards around all the perimeter.
  • Maintenance: Of all systems, by Acciona Global Facilities.
  • Supervision: ESpanix´s own team “on site” 24x7.
  • Connectivity: +30 carriers and +170 operators.
  • Connections: +5,000 fibers.



  • Rack housing

    • Latest generation equipment

      Multiple configuration possibilities, from racks to isolated cubes, always from leading suppliers.

    • Much more than housing

      ESpanix isn´t limited to only renting space, it is a network company which provides constant support to its hosted clients.

    • Customized solutions

      It doesn´t matter how complex your needs are, our engineering team always adapts to them.

  • Energy Supply

    • Multiple possibilities

      ESpanix Datacenter has a wide supply variety, adapted to its clients´s needs: AC, DC, single-phase, three-phases, with any amperage within regulations.

  • Support Services

    • Incidence management

      ESpanix´s engineering team, present permanently at the datacenter, responds to unscheduled operation requests, like remote hands, with all the guarantees.

    • Scheduled jobs

      The ESpanix engineering team carries out, according to your instructions, the support operations required by your company on a scheduled basis.

    • Wiring services

      The ESpanix engineering team carries out all the datacenter wiring without external intervention, maintaining the service quality in all the execution phases.

  • Connectivity Services

    • Connectivity with carriers

      The principal national and international carriers are present in ESpanix Datacenter, making it easier to request competing offers, which also results in cost savings.

    • Connectivity with our Internet Exchange Point

      ESpanix Datacenter is ESpanix´s network centre, having all our Internet Exchange Point services at your disposal.

  • Time Services

    The time services which ESpanix offers are available for all ESpanix Datacenter´s clients, privately and without the need for external connections.

  • Work area for technicians

    Espanix Datacenter has spacious work areas for technicians who come to the datacenter, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and catering services.


The following operators can provide connectivity services in our datacenter:


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If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

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