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CertificationCertifying OrganizationReach
LeedUS Green Building CouncilDatacenter Sustainability
WellWell Building InstituteHealth and welfare
Wired ScoreMerlin Properties ConsortiumConduits
ISO 9001IMQ/IQNETQuality

Commitments to the environment

  • All energy consumed by our company comes from renewable sources.
  • All energy supplied in our Datacenter to our clients comes from renewable sources.
  • Strict recycling policy.
  • Training of all our team in our environmental commitment.
  • Collaboration with the entire supply chain, creating relationships based on respect for the environment.
  • Constant search for maximum efficiency in the resource usage.
  • Orientation of our organization to sustainable value creation.

Quality Policy


  1. We focus our activities and processes to satisfy our clients´s needs.
  2. We implement a constant improvement system.
  3. We plan quality objectives in the short and medium term.
  4. All ESpanix´s team is involved in the quality strategy.
  5. Constant training of our staff.
  6. We motivate our team so the quality objectives can be achieved.
  7. We comply with all current regulations.
  8. We transmit our quality policy throughout our value chain.
  9. We measure quality.
  10. We ensure the confidenciality of all information deposited in ESpanix.

You can consult our quality policy in more detail at: Quality policy

Security policy


  • At ESpanix we understand security as an integral process.
  • Based on the principles: prevention, detection, response and conservation.
  • We certify our entire organization in security, not just a section or production line.
  • We maintain an updated security plan.
  • We constantly re-evaluate our models.
  • We base our systems on the minimum privilege principle.
  • We maintain a rigorous business continuity plan.

You can consult our security policy in more detail at: Security policy

Social commitment


  • Commitment to Human Rights.
  • Commitment to digital inclusion.
  • Commitment to digital security.
  • Creation of an Ethical-social conduct code.
  • Active listening mechanisms throughout our organization.
  • Transfer of all of these commitments to our value chain.